When I first started this class I had no idea what public relations was. What came to mind when I thought about public relations is for example the person who speaks on behave of Sean (Puff Daddy ) Combs and decides how and what charities he will donate too. Or at least that’s how my best friend explained it to me before I picked this major. It wasn’t until I got to Cap 220 and met my professor that I learned the true meaning of this profession. She explained the book definition, the PRSA definition, and then told us what she does working at 834. This gave me a new insight into the profession of public relations.

In the beginning of the semester I had my mind set on just finishing this degree out because I was in too deep to switch but this class or more so my professor for this class gave me a change of heart. Before I met her I didn’t even take the time out to find out what public relations was; I was just rolling with the punches. I couldn’t even give someone what my definition of public relations was because I had no clue and also because I didn’t want to give them my lame Puff Daddy reference. When I started this class we were assigned to do weekly blog post and this scared the hell out of me to honest with you. I’m not good at making facebook statues or tweeting let alone a whole blog post. And this definitely was reflected in my first blog post. I was so dull and lame and I didn’t know how to let my personality show in my writing.  After a few talks with my professor and reading other people’s blogs I got the hang of it and found my voice. Well, I’m still working on it but it has improved a great deal.

It wasn’t until I sat down to write this blog post that I got the correlation between public relations and writing blog post. Blogging means you put your own person ideas out into the world for everyone to see in a professional way but in a way that still represents you. Being in the field of public relations you have be yourself and shine in a way that attracts the customer. You have to bring things to the table that others don’t. You must be creative, a quick thinker and productive in a crisis situation. All things I had no idea that dealt with public relations. I have grown tremendously after taking this class not only as a future lawyer and public relations professional but also as a person. Although this is not what I thought public relations was about, it still is something I want to further dive into. So, from here I will look into different law professions and see which ones will although me to be exercise my undergraduate major in Adverting and public relations.


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